DJ Controller

DJ Controllers – A Beginner’s Guide

Before the advent of digital DJing, acquiring at least two vinyl turntables and a mixer to link them together was required if you wanted to learn to DJ. Now, there is no such need. That would entail a significant financial outlay on equipment before you even consider the need to purchase any actual recordings to use in the mix. However, in 2021, the finest beginning DJ controllers no longer have to be synonymous with ‘expensive,’ making getting into mixing more accessible than ever before.

Several well-equipped DJ software applications may be downloaded for free or at a bit of cost, ranging from iOS apps like Traktor DJ or Algoriddim Djay to preliminary versions of Serato or Pioneer DJ’s rekordbox, among other options. Because of simple-to-use capabilities like auto-sync and intelligent track recommendations, even complete amateurs can mix successfully with little or no instruction.

While it is pretty feasible to grasp the fundamentals of DJ mixing with nothing more than a laptop or mobile device, using a controller will allow you to feel more connected to your chosen DJ program and more accurate in your mixing.

Often, DJ controllers come with additional functionality, such as access to other functions of the program along with an audio interface to help you connect your entire setup to a speaker system, much like you would with a standard mixer.